Rastrick Beer Festival 2018


The Committee has spent considerable time and effort researching suitable beers and ales for the Rastrick Beer Festival.
Below is the final list of all the beers and ciders we are having at our beer festival. This year we are also having a prosecco bar.


Brewery Barrel Abv% Notes
Leeds Brewery Midnight Bell 4.80% A premium dark mild. Crystal and chocolate malts combine with wonderful Willamette hops to give a full bodied, complex character to this award-winning ale.

Derventio Spartan 5.30% Crisp refreshing IPA with pale malt and a blend of Chinook and Nelson Sauvin hops.

Stonehenge Ales Spire Ale 3.80% Session bitter with a pleasing hop aroma and slight bitterness leading to well-rounded finish

Black Hole Black Hole Ale 3.80% Fine fresh lively session beer hopped to give a clean dry finish of hoppy dryness and a touch of astringency.

Salcombe Seahorse 4.40% Sweet and smooth ale with gentle spicy hop character. Hints of burnt toffee caramel with smoked malty finish.

Box Stream Golden Bolt 3.80% A pale ale with a soft, citrussy fruit nose and a light, dry, fruity punch.

Old Mill Traditional Mild 3.40% A smooth malty and nutty flavour with hints of a dark chocolate finish.

Fixed Wheel Café Culture Milk Stout 4.50% A classic style brewed with our natural hard water and lots of dark speciality malts.

Navigation Belgian Blonde 5.00% Brewed with the fruity Abbey yeast used in many classic Belgian beers.

Hambleton Hopsmacked 3.80% Pale ale with UK hops for bitter and US hops for aroma and flavour.

Kelham Island I Tried so Hard 4.80% Clean refreshing blonde ale with a smooth, slightly dry flavour. A blend of hops gives this a vibrant, zesty citrus flavour.

Lincolnshire Brewing Cheeky Imp 4.60% Red ale with caramel and toffee notes, malty roasted taste.

Elland 1872 Porter 6.50% A rich complex, dark ruby porter from an old 1872 recipe. It has an old port nose, coffee and bitter chocolate flavours from four malts.

St Peter’s Brewery Grapefruit 4.70% Light, natural grapefruit flavour which produces a subtle citrussy aftertaste.

Old Mill Fall Over 4.50% A russet coloured full malty quaffing ale with a smooth mellow character.

Camerons Phenology 5.00% Brewed in the style of a Belgian Saison with soft malt character and spicy coriander and fruity orange flavours.

Mauldons Dickens 4.00% Light coloured with a fine distinctive hop nose, delivering a refreshingly dry, fruity finish.

Brewster’s Krafty Kiwi 4.00% Fresh crisp summer ale, golden in colour with oats and wheat malts for a smooth palate.

Brass Castle Bad Kitty 5.50% Chewy, chocolate-vanilla dream of a porter.

Abbeydale Absolution 5.30% Deceptively easy drinking strong beer, subtle and easy going, fruity and gorgeous.

Acorn Barnsley Bitter 3.80% Award winning, chestnut in colour with a well-rounded rich flavour. It retains a lasting finish.

Brewster’s Decadence 4.40% Golden ale with a hint of malt sweetness from Cara malt. Passionfruit and grapefruit aromas. Complex zesty hop palate leading to fresh herby finish.

Pot Belly Hop Trotter 4.10% Golden in colour, spicy aromas with citric notes, balanced by warm malt and a burst of zest. Balanced, refreshing beer.

Hopback Summer Lightning 5.00% Award winning straw coloured bitter with a hoppy aroma.


Barbourne 1066 6.00% Medium

Gwynt Y Ddraig Black Dragon 7.25% Medium dry, rich in colour, body and flavour with fresh fruity aroma.

Hogan’s Hazy Rays 3.90% Medium sweet, light and fruity with a hint of citrus and berry.


Prosecco Edizione 789 Di Mondelli Prosecco This classic Italian sparkling wine is fresh and fruity with a floral nose, and flavours of soft peach and apricot combined with zesty citrus.